Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Sneak Peek" The Pelagic 8'6" Fish

Here it is fresh out of the vacuum bag not hotcoated or finned yet and I am soo excited... Oh BOY!

Photo: 8'6" 21"-30"-16.5"x4.875" thick, single wing swallow (8" point to point) lots of vee in the tail.

9.3lbs with a 3 layer 6oz deck and 2 layer 6oz bottom, it'll probably finish out at 10-10.5lbs. I rode a 8'8" Lopez quadfin this week for a 3 hour magic session in some decent chest to head high surf. Now, I'm totally blown away by the possibility of one day riding a 7 foot or smaller standup. This one is a next step down for me. John and Chad, this one is built for guys our size. Look fun or what? Going with a quadfin +1 set up.

Photo: Foil

Peace and good waves to all,
Capt Ron


Capt Ron said...

Been riding this board for 4 days now in decent sized but choppy windswell surf. This thing rocks. It is so much fun to ride it is taking me places on the wave I could never have gone on my larger SUPs or regular surfboards.
It is set up as a quadfin and being a larger framed guy I mostly rode twinfins back in the day on normal prone boards so the ajustment to the quad was no big deal for me.
Paddling a little board like this in the choppy conditions we have had this past week has been a bit of a learning curve to say the least. Actually it is like learning to standup paddle all over again. I am still a little shaky but the ride in the surf is unreal. I cannot wait till we get some ground swell. This board goes faster the more you turn it it flows like a twinfin fish and accelerates through turns like it has a motor attached.
The shortboarders in the area I surf get a shocked look on their face when as I am dropping in I fade left then swing back right hit the shoulder cut back under the peak hit the left and then swing back right around the peak and do a huge gouge on the right shoulder. Unreal... Tail slides yep with full control. It is so much fun. I have had guys ride it prone and are saying it is the funnest big board they ever rode. The paddle surfers that have tried it so far all want one and a few ask me when is the 7 fter going to be ready?
Realy Stoked,
Capt Ron

Capt Ron said...

OK Got some decent groomed ground swell/offshore wind Sunday afternoon after playing on the board in waist mush in the morning with the wife riding my 10fter and taking a paddle or 2 on the little guy. I have to say what a BARREL OF MONKEYS this thing is!!! I am not going to tell you its easy to stand on because its not but I am slowly getting the feel of it down as far as paddling goes, but the ride is unreal. I pulled in to several decent shoulder high barrels last night made a few and did about 500 turns on the perfect peaky beach break walls with my local surf crew telling me as paddled back out, they think they may want to get a standup paddle board. Fun real fun. Got soem more this morning but it had a hard offshore wind and a swell mix component and was not super clean but picked off a few outside sets and had a blast. I will also say for anyone dropping board size under the 9' range it is quite the adjustment and there is a bit of a learning curve to figure the little guy out so do not get frustrated once you get used to how shaky teh board is and get a few waves your larger board will seem to LARGE... Weird HUH?
Peace and good surf for all,
Capt Ron