Monday, September 28, 2009

Fin Review: Future Fins Gerry Lopez Thruster SUP Fin Set

I just got hooked up with a set of hot looking fins. Check 'em out: Future Fins Gerry Lopez Thruster set. These ones look really good. So good, in fact, that I jammed right home, pulled out my G-10 3-2-1s (my bread and butter side fins) and screwed the entire thruster set right in. I'm on it tomorrow- hopefully it won't be blown out by the time the 2:35 bell rings. I'm telling you, it doesn't take much to get me excited.

These are beautiful fins. A set runs in the hundred dollar range so you'd expect that these would possess top-of-the-line craftsmanship. Futures definitely delivers in that regard- the look and feel of the fins is top notch. In fact, the things are so precisely foiled and feel so light that you'd swear that just locking them down ratchets up your board's top end. The fins just ooze speed.

The things come in at almost five and half inches- which is about a half inch taller than the side fins I've been riding and half an inch shorter than the six incher I've been running in the box. Changing fins on a board is always a compromise between concern and hope: The concern with running a shorter fin in the middle box is that you'll lose drive, that is, the board won't have that "squirt out of the hole feeling" that a larger fin provides. The hope is that a smaller set of fins will loosen the board up, give it some release and snap off the top.

What I've decided to do is this: I'm going to start by running it fairly far back in the center box. The idea is that I'll make up with fin position the drive I've lost with fin height. My hope is that I'll produce that magic combination of drive and looseness that we're all searching for; that's the idea anyway. We'll see what happens.

Lilly was wondering
what these things were made of. The Futures website says they are "resin transfer molded". To me they feel like fiberglass. Interestingly, these fins have some definite flex in the tips. The G10, 3-2-1s that I was riding were rock solid little chunks of fiberglass. They were fast but had very little flex. The GLs (Gerry Lopez fins) look to be a very different ride than what I'd been on. Especially since the 3-2-1s are basically triple foiled- a fin designed to provide super lift and drive, kind of like adding a turbo to your vehicle. The GLs, on the other hand, have a very slight inside foil. In fact, this fin set looks very conventional, almost like a super-sized version of a short board fin set. Perhaps the idea with these fins is to provide a more neutral, predictable, organic ride (did I just say "organic"???). Regardless, I can't wait to get them into some good surf.

A final comparison photo:
Check back for a ride report!


Chad said...

I can't believe you got them already!!

Kiku said...

I have the green ones! They would match your board! You'll love'em!

Have fun John! Off to Baja.

I have caught 3Ms the past couple of weekends. Lots of fun!


John Ashley said...

Hey Gail-

Stoked your snagging 3ms- that place must be sooo fun on a sup. Pics?

Kiku said...

Yes, so much fun and next time I will have my bodyguard, security guy Pablo or Juan to also act as a photographer/videographer.

I drove by both San Miguel and 3Ms this past Friday and they were both on fire. I was short on time and by myself, so I had to take a pass.

I had my smaller board so the next day Pablo accompanied me to the "Playas" section of Ensenada just south of the main harbor. Lots of fun and there were maybe about 6 other surfers out there, but way south of where I was surfing; a beach break, glassy, 2-3', both lefts and rights with some nice corners. Then again yesterday a.m. at their main "surfer's" area of the Playas and I was the only one out there for miles and miles. Kind of like the Shores, but no crowd. Fun, but I missed antagonizing the surfers! :)

Come on down and let's take the boat out and go SUPing at "KILLERS". That would be awesome! You are always welcome and we have a great network of amigos to help us out with everything......see ya!

Big Mike said...

Aloha. Still running 2+1 on my 9'2" PSH SUP. Just bought a FCS finbox adapter and will try a thruster setup. I'm excited but hope I don't lose performance.