Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hola amigos - Tim Hatler here, owner of Palapas Ventana in La Ventana, and organizer of the 5th annual La Ventana Classic that will this year feature the PADDLE ROYALE..

Well the water temp here in La Ventana is 85 degrees, weve got a yellowfin tuna bite that just went richter, great Pargo spearfishing, light NW winds starting to blow and tease the kites, and fun 4-6 foot surf on the pacific and East Cape...But something else is happening too..theres a buzz in the air about our PADDLE ROYALE SUP race in January....even the crustiest "Ive been surfing since before you were born" types have strapped shiny new SUP boards onto their rigs and are arriving in southern Baja and staring at Cerralvo Island offshore and thinking - I want to win that race!!
They are paddling the morning flat waters of the sea of cortez and training - getting ready for that late January day when the pangas will take them to the island and they will race 11 miles back to the La Ventana shores in the name of raising $$ for our local schools.. weve already got Isle Surfboards, PADDLESURF.NET, NAISH, and StandUp Paddle Sports as confirmed sponsors and are getting more every week. There will be great prizes including boards, cash and an expo where you can try the latest gear for free.

Watch out for IB's own KIWI, last years winner, hes a ringer and rumor has it hes been sighted at Lobster Shack on a training run to the Coronados

Come check out our Baja Paradise and paddle with me and John for a good cause this winter - Jan 21-24, 2010 ---see for more details and signups coming soon!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an insane time. i'm sure even more people would be up for it if they didn't have to make the drive.
Someone could clean up and pay for their whole trip just by charging 50-100.00 per board and taking a trailer load of them down and back, so the lazy working / family stiffs could fly in and out....
anyone up for it???

David Ambrose said...

Hey, thats my buddy Kunta at the ever so secret spot in Baja.