Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A couple more photos...

I've got a couple minutes here to throw up some shots- check 'em out:

Big boy coming down the line. I know it looks small (it was) and I know it seems flat (kind of) but this is one really fun wave. I like it because it throws up so many different sections. If you want to surf it well, you've got to read the thing as it unfolds in front of you. It's challenging because it's a long wave with different sections to it. One particular spot throws up a fast little wall, perfect for a little speed run to cutback. But if you get too cocky and cut back too deep on the fat part, the wave will hit a little shallow spot, pick up speed, and run away from you. All the change ups make it super fun- I could surf it all day.

Well this happened twice; flat tire. Not a problem in Mexico- there's a llantera (tire man) in every little village. This time it was a rusty nail. I've seen sidewalls punctured by large twigs! Always check the spare before you need it. If you come out of the water to a dead tire and find your spare's flat, your life becomes a little more difficult. The tire guys down there are superb- we were up and out of there with two patches in about twenty minutes.

Dreamy. Send me back!


Da Token Hawaiian said...

Shoot John I wanna come with yuo next time too!!!

John Ashley said...

Believe me- it's a trip worth taking although they don't have spam mosubi down there yet.

Da Token Hawaiian said...

That's easy to make John bro. Spam, Shoyu, Brown Sugar, ginger, nori and rice! :)

Did your brother Mike go down with you on this trip?

Capt Ron said...

The whole flat tire thing is why I always carry a cig lighter operated air pump and a tire plug kit. So easy never have to take the tire off the car just pump it up pour some water on the tire and find the bubbles/leak/hole nail, pull what ever is in it out and put the reamer tool in and put a plug on the plug tool and pull the reamer out and put the plug in. Air it up to spec and off you go maybe 5 minutes to fix. I learned many years ago while traveling centro america in rental cars show up to the rental car agency with a flat tire and get charged 5x the amount for it.
Walmart and the auto stores carry the tire plug kits in a carry box for 15$ or so. And it is nice and small fits right in the luggage. Buy extra plugs sometimes if the hole is realy large you need several to plug it.
On a trip to Costa Rica one year I went through over 20 plugs. How much would 20 flat tires cost to fix?
Awesome trip John I have not been to Mex since the 1980's. Me and my wife have been thinking about driving in next year for a few months what are your thoughts on that? I was thinking of going in at Nogales/Arizona border and hitting that toll road tword Mazatlan then working the coast from just north of Mazatlan to the south until we run out of fun and want to go home.

Capt Ron

John Ashley said...


Deal, you make the spam mosubi and I'll show you around down there!


John Ashley said...

Hey Capt-

Great info on the tire repair- I've seen those at Walmart but I had no idea it was that easy. Cool to hear that you've done it so many times- gives me confidence to try it out myself... shoot it's a rental, what can you hurt trying? Right?

I think your road trips sounds unreal... I've heard that those roads through Sinaloa (Mazatlan etc.) are really good. When we drove north up to Rio Nexpa and Ticla, we got on the toll road (cuota) and it was ridiculously nice. We hauled ass on that thing.

Wouldn't drive at night though... we tried to pay some locals to drive us into Zihuat. for a night and then drive us back later that night and they were adamant that they avoid driving at night. They said if bad stuff is going to happen, it's going to happen at night down there.

Heard you guys got some surf a week or so ago... did you score?