Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Down south: Good Eats

Heading south means surfing super long left pointbreaks- it also means eating really, really good Mexican food. Here's a couple of photos of epic eat spots:

These dudes know how to eat. This spot was just off the road on our way back down south. The beers were cold and the huevos rancheros... unreal!

It's hard to know what you're getting when you roll the dice on a place like this. One clue is the clientelle- if the locals are lining up for it then it's probably worth checking out. Don't be afraid to peek into the kitchen- look clean and orderly? Go for it! Check out the super loaded Dodge Attitude- amazing we didn't cave its roof in.

Okay. Here are the goods.
The dish at the bottom of the photo holds three round chicken sopes. Sopes are close to what you'd call a tostada but the bottom part is really thick masa. Masa is the stuff that they make corn tortillas out of- a really bad comparison would be very dense, thick cornbread. The masa is formed into a little cup and then fried, shredded spicy chicken is loaded onto it, a little cabbage and some crema and your all set. Sopes are my favorite down there. Check out the whole, grilled onions on the top plate- those were so tasty- sweet and slightly burned from the grill...mmmm.

This was our favorite dinner spot.
You could feed four hungry guys, eat all the sopes you could stand until you were totally stuffed and the bill would be around ten bucks... for everybody. This place was definitely a standout- we ate there daily.

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Cat Ashley said...

Heck yeah this is where we ate the first night we arrived. Excellent eats. Especially after being crammed in the 4Runner for hours .