Friday, October 2, 2009

Travel Gear Part II plus a Mainland Surf Pic!

Photo: Surf has been super fun and today it started building.... gonna be interesting tomorrow!

Here's a little more info on my travel gear:

4. Hand towel: Big beach towels are heavy, take up room and don't dry too well in humid tropical surf spots. A hand towel will get the job done. The downside to it is it makes the beach change a little interesting.

5. Sanuk slip-ons:
light, comfortable and fast drying these are the perfect back ups to a pair of flip flops. On the plus side they cover your foot for night time mozzie protection and if you have to slip them on and off for the TSA guys, you're into and out of them in a flash.


ef said...

cool new info ... but now i want to know about that collapsing fishing pole. i've had one or two over the years and never found one i liked. still looking. could one like yours be the answer? who makes it!

John Ashley said...

Hey ef:

Sorry for the delay. The rod is super cool, all carbon and really stout. It's available through and the one I picked up is called the Mobistick. Didn't use it on my trip because the surf was firing every day but it looks and feels pretty good. Let me know if you're interested and I'll take some more photos of it for you and post 'em up.