Friday, October 16, 2009

A Mainland Mex Snapshot

Here's an overview shot... from the camera at the end of my paddle... of the place I like to go to down south.

No high rises, no flashing neon signs with guys hawking time shares and tequila shots- just a fun little wave out in front, palm trees and cold beers. Sure the electricity goes out almost every time it rains and it does get a little hot at times but I'll gladly accept those shortcomings to keep "big Mexico" out of this little corner by the sea.


Anonymous said...

Did you run into our friend Corky. Looks like he is the newest convert. Check this out.


John Ashley said...

Ha! That's so funny- I'm going to check into this one a little bit... wouldn't it be great if we all posted comments on his page letting him know how stoked we are about his change of attitude? Just sayin'....