Sunday, October 18, 2009

Travel Pics: Wave potential

We ended up heading north to check out a couple of other spots in the neighboring state of Michoacan. Here's a couple of spots we just passed right on by. If you had the time and inclination, you could surf by yourself everyday down there. Check these out:

Photo: Check out the left hander peeling off in the distance... nobody out, nobody going to paddle out... all yours.

Photo: Same problem... nobody to surf with.

Photo: Santi snapping away... save this spot for next time!


steviedb said...

I've driven and surfed this section of the coast, after surfing in the neighborhood of the left that you keep returning to. That first bay, if I'm not mistaken, is an interesting one. We had a strange session there on a beautiful evening wherein a strong rip formed and gave us a hair-raising ride.

Nonetheless, a wave-rich stretch of the coast indeed. So many good beachbreaks punctuated by the occasional headland and cobblestone point and rivermouth...

I don't comment often, but always enjoy your posts :)

Capt Ron said...

Now John,
This is not gonna due. I mean we get a shot looking down your paddle at your drawers falling down and a few scenery shots. Come on now. We need alot of pics of warm glassy surf. Juice us up with some travel stories and wave pics maybe a video.
I am just kidding with you. Awesome trip.
Capt Ron

John Ashley said...

Hey Capt:

1. Impossible for my drawers to fall off... thats what my beer belly is for.

2. Wish I could say I had a bunch of front lit, tack sharp, artfully composed, beautifully framed photos of the spots going off on the best days. Unfortunately, on those days I was amping so hard and running so fast for the water that I'd be damned if I was going to stop for even one photo... I know, I failed you guys.

That being said- I'll see what I can dredge up off the hard drive... you would've loved it down there!

John Ashley said...

Hey Steve-

I think you know exactly where I was- and I'm envious that you scored that little bay- it looked really fun, especially on a stand up board. Next time.

I really think you could follow any river down to the beach and there'd be good to great waves there... I know we found one, not a secret but totally unsurfed, at least on that particular day.

Thanks for comment and I'm stoked you're checking out the site.