Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Mainland Surf Report

Hey Folks- after a little messing around with my new netbook (yes, I did contemplate going fully postal on it and beating it on a palm tree) I'm up and on the 'net.

Quick down south surf report: Been here two full days now and have surfed seven different times. The surf has been super fun- chest to head high, glassy in the morning and a bit choppy in the afternoon but smoothing out nicely by sunset. Water's beautiful- high seventies- possibly more. The kind of water temp that is absolutely comfortable when you first hop in... at 7am. Like a nice warm blanket.

Crowds? Super light. Maybe ten/fifteen guys in the water during the prime morning surfing hours. So much space though- I've surfed every morning session by myself up near the rivermouth. Funny how lemming like surfers are. If there's any easy to reach peak, you can bet everybody will head right to it. Easy enough for me to paddle right on past and surf by myself. Good, long, warm water surf.

Gerry Lopez SUP fin set:
Simple enough, these fins are HOT. I've used them now in everything from slopey, slow, mushburger point surf to roping head and half reef/point waves. The fins just work- and they're fast. I did have to make an adjustment in fin position for the bigger, faster days; I moved the middle fin all the way to the back of the box to give me a little more drive and sticking power off the bottom.

I'm super surprised at how well the things hold- I haven't spun out once although I did get a little moment of skitteriness on a bigger wave- moving the fin back solved that. I am going to experiment a bit with a six inch fin in the box and see how that goes. Surf is supposed to jump in the next couple of days so that may be a great time to see how it all works out.


Jeff Wallis said...

Nice report John!!!

Capt Ron said...

Yeah John I am totaly Jealous Be safe have fun catch a few for me it went flat here. Take lots of pics we all want to see them.

John Ashley said...

Hey Guys-

Thanks for the kind words. I'm back- got a bunch of waves... I'll post up when I get the chance.