Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baja Sights: A couple more shots...

Here's a few of the "in between" shots, photos that take place in between all of the blazing paddlesurf action!

Photo: Look for a bunch of locals ordering up food- that's the best indicator that something good is going down. In this case it's all about the fish taco. A buck a taco gets you a corn tortilla loaded up with fish- you add salsa, cabbage and the magic white stuff and you're all set.

Can't even describe how great it is to surf hard all morning, roll into town and pull up to this spot. Everybody orders up some tacos, maybe a cold Fanta or an icy Pacifico from across the street- kick back in the sun, eat and feel good. Clean livin'!

Photo: Last look from the roof of our place- sunrise or sunset, both were equally beautiful.

Photo: Okay, so if my trunks are hanging up to dry and my jeans are on the sand that leaves me wearing.... Well, it was a giant beach.


Anonymous said...

great stuff, always love your reports. btw/ what kind o' dog is your lily? westy?

On Off said...

quiero ir a mexico!

John Ashley said...

Hey guys- Lilly is a Westy... great dogs... total characters. We keep her hair cut short so she doesn't have the "classic" westy look. She's still rad.

On Off:... me too!