Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meanwhile, somewhere out there in the desert...

...others were scoring too. Somewhere south of the border:

Photo: Sunrise.

Photo: Heavy on the front foot, go fast.

Photo: Little bowl section.

Photo: Jose, slotted.


Anonymous said...

I know where that is!
Spiders Brother

John Ashley said...

And you also know who that is slotted in the last photo... must be genetic.

Capt Ron said...

Next christmas me and my wife are going to drive out and meet you in Baja. Your photos are making me crazy. Its 30 degrees here and our water temp dropped 10 degrees in the last 2 days from 66 down to 56 it might get down to the high 40's this year. Good photos keep them coming. Awesome trip looks like you scored. One another note my wife actually pulled into a mini barrel and did her first real floater on her new board. I could not be more proud. Pretty soon she will be doing reverses and 360's and stuff.
Capt Ron