Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's probably raining by now...

I'm anticipating a lot of days out of the water- it's supposed to pour down rain in the next couple of days. You wouldn't have guessed it though if you were out and about this morning. Bright sunshine, sheet glass on the water... and super fun waves!

Here's the first set in a series I'm going to post over the next few days... something to keep you going while you're waiting out the rain. Enjoy- and keep the stoke alive!

Photo: Sunday, January 1-17-10, super fun day of surf- too bad I've got the beginnings of a head cold going on right now. I opted to stay out of the water even though it was going off- here's Kiwi on a fun left hander. You'll see more from this angle- I shot this off of the pier.

Photo: Super glassy, super fun.

Photo: Dr. John driving down the line.


Capt Ron said...

My first reaction WHy in the ##$$ would you not surf in the rain? You will only get a little wet. Then I remembered it does not rain much out there and when it does you tend to get issues with all kinds of harmful bacteria and pollution washing out into the surf. John how bad does the water quality get out there after a good hard rain?

Capt Ron

Jeff Wallis said...


Here is a link to an article on IB's water.