Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five Monday Photos

Photo: Lilly knows how and when to hit the snooze button. Nobody lounges like Lilly, nobody.

Photo: He might be worried about taking a fin to the eye socket or maybe he's distracted by something else entirely... what do you think?

Photo: This is what it looked like at 3pm today.... I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Photo: Big Chad snapped this shot of me coming back down off a whitewater rebound... yep, I fell.

A sunset, a cardon and me fiddling with the exposure compensation button on my
S5 IS.... sometimes good things happen.


Anonymous said...

The problem is how to get the wetsuit back on.
Spiders brother

Kiwi said...

Anyone travelling down to La Ventana for the Classic by car/truck. Get a hold of Kiwi Thru this site.