Saturday, January 23, 2010

La Jolla Local Katie Charges Overhead Waves on 8'6 Craig Stand Up

Don't miss these photos. I think they're the most killer stand up pictures I've seen in a year. These were sent to me by my friend Gail who's part of the local La Jolla Shores crew of women stand up paddlers who just plain rip! This is Katie riding a 8'6" David Craig stand up- taking the drop on a macker. Check 'em out:

Photo: Not too many channels to paddle out through on big days as the Shores... definitely not a walk in the park.

Photo: Straight up charging!


Anonymous said...

Craig boards rule - i love my 8'11"
good to see some SD action like this

love the blog too

Anonymous said...

We are sissies! Get to work already boys. It is painfully apparent that these girls have bigger nads than us. Very, very cool shots. Major surfing skills on the young ladies part too. Wowzo.

Sunset Cliff

Sheldon Abril said...

meeeeaannn! Katie charges. Katie and Yann are the only 2 people I've seen on a stand up who go all out.

lawaia said...

Katie Weekes CHARGING!

David Craig is an amazing craftsman. Great boards!

Davis Miller said...

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John Ashley said...

Uhm, okay.