Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wow, the fuse just got lit... summer goals.

Did a quick scan of the calender today and realized how soon I'm going to be done with work and into my summer vacation. Wow. I'll be competing in three races (Moonlight Race, The Loop and the Hobie/Hennessey's race) and then I'm out of here for a week of surfing. Crazy how time starts flying by. Time to set goals for the summer. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Compete in ten California races between June and October.

2. Improve my time in the Chainsaw Massacre (a local six mile race here in Coronado) which will mark my first complete year of racing. I'm hoping to beat 1:30.

3. Complete the finish work on the 14' wooden dory that I put together last summer. I need to finish sand the outside of the hull and varnish it.

Remember my little project? Well, there she is- waiting for adventure.

4. Do a five day surf/paddle/windsurf trip to Punta San Carlos (a remote point eight hours south of the border).

5. Spend a week paddling my dory and stand up board in some of the beautiful rivers and lakes of northern California/Southern Oregon.

6. Learn how to shoot a 12 gauge properly.

7. Row my dory out to Point Loma with my surfboard, a lunch and a six pack. Surf, sleep in the sun and row it home.

8. Learn how to do a nose ride 360 on my longboard stando.

9. Do one kitesurf/paddle trip to San Quintin (I spent four years kiting before I started doing stando... since then, my kites have gathered dust... I wouldn't mind pumping up my 12m and getting reaquainted if the conditions were right).

That's what I've got going on this summer. And you?


Jeff Wallis said...


I can help ya on the 12ga part no problem. Wally knows shotties!!!!

Good luck on all your other goals and have fun...

I can't wait till December rolls into town cuz we are outta here!!!


Matt Lennert said...

Hey John - I've been reading your blog for a while and you've inspired me. I'm launching a campaign to do a SUP crossing of Lake Michigan this summer to increase SUP awareness in Chicago and raise money for charity. So, that's what I'm doing this summer... I might mention your blog to my readers as a source of SUP info on the web. If you see an increase of traffic from Chicago, that's why. Keep up the great work. Matt.

Anonymous said...

john, is there ever an aarp-card-dinosaur-division in any of the races?


Capt Ron said...

I could learn you to shoot that 12 gauge John. My favorite gun is a 12 gauge. I am pretty good with a shot gun. And these new rounds are pretty cool. Check this crazy Russian guy out shooting his 12 guage.

John Ashley said...

Heck yeah Ron- I'm buying gold and silver and up-armoring my Tundra... gonna need some 12 gauge lessons- maybe a Florida trip is in order!

Is that the Russian guy who wracks off AK rounds and shoots stuff to blow it up on vid? I'll have to check that out. Thanks buddy.

John Ashley said...

Yep there's a 50+ division, don't know if that's quite AARP yet but I will say some of the fastest guys are in that division - they're brutal.

Anonymous said...

Heh. It's so weird how I was *all* pumped up about kiting five years ago, then discovered SUP, and, um, well, all my kite gear has become dusty and obsolete, while my stand-o equipment becomes newer, lighter, and smaller. Not to diss kiting at all, just to underline the incredible, it-takes-over-your-life power of standup paddle. Now I'm tooling up to race. WTH? If you'd told me ten years ago I'd be putting my effort into anything that'd take me out of the impact zone, I'd have said you were nuts. Reality, as always, is broader than our imagination...

John Ashley said...

Man, Anon. not only did you hit the nail on the head- you whacked the shit out of it.

As a matter of fact, I think you just motivated me to write my next piece on the blog- thank you.

Anonymous said...


I am a card carrying AARP member and racing in 50+ (when they score us). The discounts help defray motel/hotel costs at the races. Now if the races had AARP discounts for entry fees.....

John G.