Friday, August 10, 2007

Coming Soon: Boards that you want... but can't have!

This is Stu Kenson. In his hand is a 5'8" epoxy fish made of EPS foam with a vacuum bag lamination of carbon fiber and epoxy resin; basically indestructible. Now blow this board up to, say, 11'0" repeat the exotic layup, throw in a high end hot rod spray job and what have you got? A board that you want- but can't have. Check back for the full story!

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Anonymous said...

MichaelF here
hey why is it so hard to get a vacuum bagged custom board in CA, looks really cool. In rowing we have been vacuum bagging and using carbon for 20 years... I like the fish concept and interested see how this would work on a TUNA in the 240-260 class like myself.