Friday, August 31, 2007

Got something bitchin'

It's been a pretty lackluster summer for surf here on the California coast; the dry spell gave me enough idle time to realize the board shack in the backyard was a total mess. Take a peek, there's thousands of dollars worth of gear stacked on the floor or on saw horses just gathering land dings.

So I went out and got something bitchin': custom made metal surfboard racks. Check these babies out, they're freestanding, fully welded, steel racks. I'm able to get almost all of my boards into them including two paddleboards and a crazy hollow, all wood surfboard made entirely of Home Depot items and cast off redwood fencing (this board is worthy of its own blog).

Tom Huber, the owner of Metal Trends, specializes in custom fabrication. He does a ton of work for local surf shops and would be more then happy to fabricate any type of surfboard rack that you can dream up. In my situation, I didn't want to bother with lagging the racks to a cinder block wall so I had him make the racks freestanding and extra deep to hold paddleboards. I've got Tom's card stashed away somewhere- check back and I'll post contact information and more pictures of Tom's work.

Also: Can anybody identify the guy laminated to the blue 7'0" leaning on the back wall?

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Anonymous said...

Johnny Cash on that blue board