Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting Out of Town: Up the coast to San Luis Obispo

Every so often I feel the need to get on the road and live out of my travel trailer. This is probably the result of building forts out of cardboard or making tree houses or digging tunnels into embankments; it's an undeniable urge to nestle in. I like shacking up in that aluminum shoe box.

Luckily, my wife Kathy feels the same way- and now that we've got the paddleboards, our trips up the coast have become thematic: paddle every thing that is do-able. Each body of water that dots the map is a possible adventure; why not poach it?

It was early on Sunday morning when we hooked the trailer up to the truck and pulled out of Imperial Beach. Our Westie, Lilly, snoozed in her crate on the back seat while I eased the rig (you get to call it a "rig" when you're pulling something) up the Silver Strand, over the Coronado Bridge and onto I5 heading north.

The trailer's propane fridge was fired up and loaded with Pacificos, bratwursts and bacon. The green astroturf was rolled and stowed- the only thing we were missing were the pink flamingos and the Pinto on cinderblocks out front. We were off to Lopez Lake, our homebase for the next five days.

Top Photo: Center of Operations at Lopez Lake Campground.
Bottom Photo: Turkey's are smarter then we think- safely cruising the campground in gangs of 5 to 10 birds protected from a 12 gauge reality check. Lilly, amused by the bird's cockiness.

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