Monday, August 6, 2007

Hot in the Water: NuiMoana Paddleboards and some news

"I just want to build boards that I can get barrelled out of my brain on..." Does this sound like a guy who thinks that the performance realm of the SUB is limited to the nose ride?

Shaper Allan Cheateaux ( wants to make boards that push the limits of paddleboard performance. The guy's a fixture at San Onofre and the plus is this: he'll let you hop on any of his boards. Definitely check them out.

In the works: I finagled another day of freedom (marriage is all about negotiations) and I'm going to be surfing some private spots in Northern Baja tomorrow- check back and you'll see the results.

Coming Up: Mike P. at is going to be putting on a paddlesurfing contest in late September. I'm going to enter it because it sounds really fun- check it out at his site.

And: The 3rd annual Dempsey Holder surf contest, put on by wildCoast ( will be featuring a stand up surf division this year- contact me if you're interested, I'm in charge of that division- the contest is usually in mid-October.

And: Seems there's some Stamps Surfboards fans out there so here's another photo (below, photo: Elva De Jarnett) of the man on his latest creation the green wave poaching machine. By the way, check out the clean foil on that board- I likey! Check 'em out at

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