Friday, March 21, 2008

Heading Home: Fun trip

Paddled up a point this morning, surfed some really small waves under bright, sun filled, Santa Barbara skies and dinged two boards at the same time. Interesting day.

The point's a big one up here, not a high quality spot (so, no, I didn't stink up the 'con) but a nice run. A tip: Watch the tide on runs with breakwalls and rip rap- a high tide backwash can make a mess of what could be a pleasant walk in the park paddle. Now about the dings: Damn bungee cords. This one even had a carbiner type hook on the end (you know like the kind Stallone broke in his corny climbing movie) and it failed me. Snap, smacked the rail of my friend's board and the rail of my own ride above it. One bungee, two dings.

More to come!

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srfnff said...

Don't ya just hate it when that happens?! Sometimes the gods are just against us...damn 'em! I did something like that once pulling an almost brand new 6' quad fish out of the back of my car. I lost grip and as it was falling towards the pavement and a sure rail crack, I "reached out" with my knee (of all things) to catch it. The result was two big pressure dents (don't ask me how it was one knee and two dents) on the bottom of the board. Expletives deleted!