Saturday, November 15, 2008

An Hour In November!

What a day of surf! Today, it all came together: a small but fun swell, blazing, off-shore, Santa Ana conditions and to top it all off... more surf on the way! Are you picking up on all the exclamation points?...! I'm stoked right now because tomorrow just might be a repeat of today and I'm ON IT!

Here's a video I threw together of an hour of surfing I did this morning:

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Anonymous said...

im going back to the beach break been surfing cliffs past 3 days it aint no i.b.looks like it was fun johnny boy.captneg9.

Anonymous said...

Damn...that looked like a fun session! I feel your STOKE!

John Ashley said...

Hey W.Waterman!

I'm sooo stoked! Surf's been pretty good for about a week- hope you're getting some too!

John Ashley said...

Hey Neg9:

When's the board gonna be done?