Sunday, November 23, 2008

Missed it by a day Sheldon.

Got a chance to meet and paddle with Sheldon, a nice guy and stylish surfer from up the coast. Got him to drive all the way down to our 'hood... only to paddle out into south wind, morning sickness, gray, lumpy mush burgers. Not the sunny, head high, beach break reelers that I thought would be on tap for Saturday morning.

But Sheldon's a good sport and we had fun anyways- paddling around and falling often in the "technically challenging" conditions we found. Too bad we didn't postpone it one day, because today, Sunday, was super fun! Isn't it always like that? Here's a few photos from this morning:

Big Chad, Big Drop Photo: K.Kava

Inside toe stretch. Photo: K.Kava

The Spork Torque. Photo: K.Kava

Monkey Squat I Photo: K.Kava

Monkey Squat II, Monkey with fly swatter. Photo: K.Kava

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Sheldon said...

haha, doesn't it always work out like that? taking out the PSH 9'6" in those conditions... definitely challenging! I'll be back though!

John Ashley said...

Hard to believe you'd only paddled that board twice before!

Funny how that goes- and I bet LJS was probably fun that day too- but nothing risked, nothing gained. Hat's off to you for making the effort.

Come on back anytime!

Anonymous said...

was there any decent photos or video from saturday.

No moe stabbin.

John Ashley said...

Yep- check it out!