Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Stamps 11'0": I'm getting that new board itch...

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Tom Ray Jr.
over on the east coast just sent me those photos of a brand new 11'0" Stamps he just had shipped over. For the record, seeing all these new boards is killing me. I'm getting that itch, that little irritation that screams, "hide your wallet now!". That feeling that if I make the drive up to the Stamps board factory, I'm going to do something that will test the bounds of that thing that my wife calls, "trust".

Anyways, here's what Tom Ray had to say about his freshly ordered stick:

John, this is my 3rd board from Tim. 1st one was the 10’6” in the video of your brother's Viking getting glassed ( orange/green ). Got this one blown up to 11’0” to keep in Maryland at my buddy's place ( I am in Florida). I like the 10’6” a bunch and wanted something a little bit bigger due to the fact that normally its full suit time when I get up there. It'll be used for beach break conditions. Have not surfed it yet but got some paddling in on it and it for sure is a keeper. Can’t go wrong with a Stamps !!!!

Thanks, bro, you're KILLING me!

I think Stamps calls this style of paint job the Mahi-effect. As far as I'm concerned, it's so bitchin' it's a must have when you order one up from him- almost like a trademark of radicalness.

Really, really cool. I'd love to expand my quiver with one of these, maybe in a 10'0 and a fresh Vike- something in the 9'0 range... or possible a Grim Ripper.... or maybe the new winged round tail....or....or.... I've got problems.


Kylie said...

Totally superficial here but I love the paint job! So nice!

Anonymous said...

looks good tim.
Tom if your looking to surf beach breaks you might look at a 8 to 9'6"
viking, tim shaped me up a 9'6"and it's still on fire.

John, on your bad surf day. That shit happens all the time it f-ing summer!
It's 85 outside water 70 and ever (pro) surfer pulls there board out of storage and paddles out at the pier wearing a full suit and boodys.

Be calm winters almost here.

See you in the water
Mr nice SUP guy K

John Ashley said...

Hey Mr. Nice (Surplus) SUP guy,

You're KILLING it on that 9'6"! And, yes, can't wait for Fall and Winter... I can however pass on the wetsuit. I'm digging the water temps... and I want a new board.
I want, I want, I want...

John Ashley said...

Hey Kylie-

Let's get one made in pink for you. Hey, where's Chad's review of his new board????