Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Stand Up Paddle Surf Lessons Page

Greetings new stand up paddlers! Contact me ( for a great private stand up paddle lesson. Read below for additional information and testimonials about my lessons- let's get out and learn to SUP!

Stand up paddle lessons are a great way
to get started on the right foot, learn about the equipment and have fun. Here in San Diego, the water's warm and flat- perfect for taking your first strokes on a stand up board. Be sure to click here and scroll down to read testimonials from stoked clients. Check it out:

Private Stand Up Paddle Lessons in Sunny Beautiful San Diego!
Email: or 619.213.6622

Meet your instructor: John Ashley

Let's get out and paddle! I feel like I've been a teacher my whole life. I've lived and worked on Catalina Island teaching students how to sail and windsurf and have progressed to teaching Advanced Placement Chemistry, Marine Science and Biology in my high school classroom. Although the subjects may have changed, one thing has remained constant- I'm dedicated to showing others how to have fun and learn at the same time.

For the last few years I've been putting eager students onto stand up paddle boards. It's been really satisfying watching students learn all of the basics necessary to paddle safely and successfully. I've spent hours dissecting paddling and board handling techniques and have successfully adapted them for instruction. Developing the techniques into a cohesive, intuitive lesson has been challenging, rewarding and fun. I hope you'll give me a chance to introduce you to stand up paddle surfing- I'm hopelessly hooked and I know you will be too. Click here for more information about the lessons and for testimonials from my clients.

Learn to stand up paddle surf with us here in beautiful San Diego!
We specialize in private instruction. We are not a "Surf School" clone-farm latching onto the next thing to come along- we are dedicated stand up paddlers, stoked to share our passion with you.

Stop dreaming about it and do it! We're ready to get you on the water and paddling today.

Stand Up Paddle Surf Lesson 1 Flat Water Paddling:
This lesson is our best, most comprehensive, stand up paddle lesson. Our goal is to provide you with the basic techniques needed to safely paddle a stand up board. You will leave the lesson with all the skills necessary to paddle with confidence and safety. The lesson will last 1.5 hours and is packed with information. The lesson fee is $100/paddler, all equipment except wetsuit (often not required) is provided.

In Lesson 1
you will learn correct stroke technique, how to turn the board using four different paddle techniques, foot placement and stance, and, importantly, how to self rescue. In addition we'll discuss board selection and paddle sizing. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about stand up paddling and am always available as a stand up paddle information resource.

The entire lesson is conducted in calm, flat waters. It is important for new paddlers to begin in relatively tranquil conditions. These conditions allow us to focus on the important elements of board, paddle and stroke. As a beginner, you can never get enough flat water paddle time. The more you paddle the better you get!

A word of advice: If you choose to paddle with one of the many San Diego "surf schools" who've tacked stand up paddle onto their menu of offerings be sure to ask where your lesson will take place. You will get the most out of your lesson if it is NOT an open water/ocean paddling lesson. Your first lesson should absolutely be conducted on flat, protected waters. Spend your time learning the basic skills necessary to build a solid paddling foundation- don't waste your time and money just learning to balance on the board... insist on a flatwater lesson!

The fee for Lesson 1 is $100/person. The lesson lasts an hour and a half with the majority of this time spent on the water. All equipment except a wetsuit (only needed in the winter) is provided.

Email: or 619.213.6622 please send dates and times that you'd like to paddle, I'll check them against the Lesson Calender for availability and get you set to paddle.

Click here for testimonials.


Anonymous said...

Hay John
Good work on the lessons.
For all of you thinking to try SUP
give John a call.
I can say John showed me sum great moves when started out,and my 24 pack
went down to 18 pack with handles.
Flat water is the place to start.
I have been surfing and in the water
over 40 years and now John has got me
fired up to paddle every thing and everywhere.
see you in the water.
Call John.
winter is coming

Anonymous said...

don't start's not really that much fun....and it's all you'll think about and want to do....and you don't have that much spare time anyways.....

Anonymous said...

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