Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pedal to the metal

If at all possible, go fast.

Kiwi, front footed and driving.

The best thing about accumulating speed is scrubbing it off.


Capt. Ron said...

Here ya go John here are a few pics I found of our last swell here in NSB. I know alot of boys out west think Florida is always flat. LOL You guys get better swell though at least you have longer period swell and point breaks. A few shots were taken by Bill Whatley a friend of mine and and Taylor took the other few. No pics of us Paddle boarders but these will give you a idea of what we get every now and then.

Peace and Good pics of you guys on your last swell I realy enjoy your site.
Capt Ron Neff

John Ashley said...

Hey Capt. Ron-

Unreal photos! Never doubted that you guys get good surf and I bet you've got your secret spots too.

First photo is my favorite- keep 'em coming and send me some stand up shots of you guys so I can post 'em up!