Saturday, August 1, 2009

The KIWI Files

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Kiwi snagged some good ones during the last swell on his Stu Kenson Zapper Quad.

Left hander in front of a terrestrial and amphibian peanut gallery. Handling.

Kiwi's a good example of a paddle surf ambassador. The guy's always moving around, never taking a wave from the same peak twice. If he grabs a bomb off the pier he'll paddle half way back, take a seat and watch a set or two roll through. During the peak of the last swell, the guy parked himself way off the main event and still snagged some good ones. Good behavior goes a long way too- I've seen short board surfers call him into waves. Give to get... that's a good way to be in the water- no matter what you're riding (lesson I learned from the comments in my last post).

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