Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stamps 7'6" Grim Ripper

I try to just drive on by when I know I'm getting close. The place is like the Death Star though- the tractor beam is too powerful. And just like Darth, the dude inside can be wickedly cruel...

"You're going to want to see this little 7'6" I'm padding up right now". Are you kidding me? A simple Jedi mind-trick is all it takes to get me veering off the southbound 405 and down the Westminster offramp. Resist? Yeah right- my mind's too weak. And Stamps? Yoda called it, "The force is strong in this one." Check out this hot new stick:

Somebody in HB
is going to be really happy, really soon.

I know for sure this one's 7'6"
the other dimensions were something like 28.5" wide x 3.75" thick... I think.

Hand grips on every board
and Monster Deck Grip up on the nose... check the size on this thing... this is a little carving tool!

Super clean
... and curvy!

If big Luke Egan
can rip quads on the short stand-o so can you!

The trade mark Stamps airbrush getting cleaned up and acrylic sealed. Sweet.


twobutch said...

that 7'6' is pretty fucking unreal, could I really stand on it? and paddle it? I know I could ride it. WOW cool board

Anonymous said...

John are you sure it wasn't 8'2"
29 x 4 or 4 1/4 with two small
foot prints on the deck?
Lets see baby food or new stand up?
Tim nice.

John Ashley said...

Hey Kraig Surplus:

It VERY EASILY could have been an 8'6" x 30 x 4 1/4 with a yellow/green (Mahi) spray... fortunately I hid my wallet and just managed to control myself or their could have been.... trouble back home.

I'd LOVE to see another baby foot model out there... belly up to the bar and ORDER UP!

John Ashley said...

Hey Two Butch-

I did paddle an 8'0 quite a while ago that was barely do-able but super fun to surf... that was about two years ago.

I think you could stand and paddle it obviously it'd depend on your weight. Small, short boards are a whole different stand up paddle trip- just another little spin to put on the stand up paddle experience.