Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another New One: Stamps 8'10" Ninja Bump

Stamps Ninja Bump. Check it out:

Photo: 8'10" x 28.5" x 3.75" Stamps paddles this one and he comes in at around 160 or so. Flaco.

Photo: Little bump right in the hind quarters... see it?

Photo: Pulled out thin like a nasty ol' piece of salt water taffy.


Andy Gere said...

Looks sweet, but probably too thin to float me well. Nice color work, is it airbrush or resin tint?

Anonymous said...

hand painted.

Anonymous said...

Hand painted. Are the others hand painted as well? Cause there are a couple that I am in love with, looks like the top of water while you are underneath.....i figure its like camoflage....on the board ill look just like the water, so fluffy the great white wont know im there, and leave me alone.

Im fairly confident that should I ever learn to ride with any style and grace I will go to stamps to create me a board. thank you for the artwork and inspiration.


John Ashley said...

Hey Mac-

Nice comment! Yep all hand painted- I think you're talking about big Chad's board- it looks like the pattern that water in a pool makes. It's even more beautiful in "real life"!