Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sacred Craft Surfboard Show: Some new stand up boards in the mix

The annual Sacred Craft surfboard show came to town last Saturday and Sunday. Here's a couple shots of boards that caught my eye:

Here's a cool looking Stretch bat tail quad that is somewhere around 9'6" in length. The bat tail quad is kind of a bread-and-butter shortboard shape for Stretch- here it is translated (and, pardon the pun, stretched) into a stand up shape. The thing looks fun- I wonder how Stretch's stand up boards are catching on up in Santa Cruz- I bet the boys at the Lane dig 'em.

Here's the tail end
of that stand up board- a committed four finner... like I said, looks like fun!

Dave Daum's area- coming on strong with a whole line up of stand ups straight outta Cardiff.

These guys are making some of the hottest, short, stand ups on the water. The label is Plus One and this board is somewhere in the 8' range- sweet outline, this one's a ripper for sure.

Another shot of Plus One's short stand-o. I'm going to have to hook up a test ride on one of these sometime.

I haven't heard of these guys before so I don't know where they're from or what they're about (someone out there help me out) but the stand up they had tucked away looked clean.

Most striking to me
was the shift in interest to smaller stand up boards. The first wave has come through, worn out their 12'ers and are demanding surfable stand up boards- from what I can see the shapers are up to the challenge. Can't wait for some of these boards to make it through my hands.


Sheldon Abril said...

there's a guy at the shores with a board from "Solid". you probably know him, he works at FCS and you did a write-up on a sup board bag you got from him.

anyway, saw him out yesterday and today and he's on a 7'2". looked to be around 27" wide... maybe less, but it was pretty narrow. his "normal" paddling stance was just as wide as the board. hopefully you can get some info on those boards. his board looked really beefy, but I guess it has to be if you want to float a 7'2" x 27".

John Ashley said...

Hey Sheldon-

Cool- okay I think I'm making the connection here... interesting... I'm going to have to talk to Alexis about that one.

And that's pretty damn narrow for a board isn't it?

Kiku said...

Yes, Alexis is back at The Shores and has been ripping it up on his new 7'2" board. It's 27" wide with a 20" step deck which makes it look very tippy to me.

However, he's ripping it up out there!

See ya!

John Ashley said...

Hey Gail-

Cool- that's the one... Solid! Let me know when you're heading out to Killer's.... I'M IN! And I'll snap photos too!

Anonymous said...

These guys are in San Diego.