Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9'8" Ninja Bump Five Boxer... yeowww!

Ouch. Here's that 9'8" that was getting done up at the same time as mine. All finished out now. How fun would this thing be at a full figured wave like the Dog Patch? This one looks stable, paddle worthy and rippeable... don't you just want to surf 'em all?

Photo: My favorite shot: Dog and board! Especially when it's the shop foreman... Cowboy, claiming. SUP dog?

Photo: Go for the bump- you'll like it. Say it with me: Release. Ah, feels good doesn't it?

Photo: Pull the ends thin... a little less boaty but a lot more turny... are turny and boaty even words?

Photo: Dig it.


Anonymous said...

I love my Ninja Bump for sure! Mine is 9'0" It is less stable in chop than i thought it would be but once on the wave, i love it's style. Nose ride or surf from the tail.

I was going to send Tim an e-mail but maybe you know. What lb eps does he use in his boards?

Anonymous said...

Sweet....and what a beautiful resin job!

Congrats John and looking forward to your full report!


John Ashley said...

Hey Gail- wish I could say that one was mine too but it was made for somebody who lives part time in Costa Rica.

I've got my hands full with my new 9'1... such a different board than my 9'3" lots of changes. I did get to surf it once before it dumped rain and I was pretty much stoked on it (second time surfing it). Super loose and it just comes off the top super nice... no stickiness.

Fast off the tail too- you can just ride the tail as you wrap cutbacks- it's like standing on a disc that keeps accellerating through the arc. Cool stuff.

Wouldn't mind having a bigger, fuller nosed Bump Ninja for myself for those super small days though.

Hope you're doing well up there- I'll see if I can get myself up there sometime.


John Ashley said...

Hey Anon.

Send me a photo of your board and I'll post it up... even better send a photo of you surfing it- would love to see how it goes!

My board is tippy too but I'm willing to live with the performance/stability trade off. Sounds like you're okay with it too.

Tim uses 1.5 lb foam on most boards- I have seen some of his personal stand ups that are made of 1lb foam... ridiculously light but fragile.

Rip on bro!