Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mariachis y Olas: My "new" surf flick... check it!

Scavenge the hard drive and here you go:

For a better (wider screen version) click here.

And for all of you who were wondering about the music: Mariachi El Bronx the song is Holy. Here's a live clip:


Mikey said...

Should I just say what everyone else should say, "Hi, my name is Mike" As a group, "Hi Mike!" "And I am addicted to all things SUP..." Sick Vid, where was that left when I got back from Christmas in the states!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the micro voyage...gonna have a cold one the soundtrack synch

John Ashley said...

Thanks gents.... send us all down south, bunch of stand ups, some fat quad fishes and a fist full of big P notes... let's DO THIS!!!!


Swell Surf camp said...

Great waves, SUPerb action, great vid