Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the pocket: Pulling in backhand in Orange County...

Surfing a stand up board on your back hand is tough- most guys can power down the line and crank a few turns facing the wave. The true RIPPERS can do it on their backhand- which is way more difficult, especially on a stand up board. If you get a chance, check out C4's Noland Martin ripping Makaha on his backhand- watch him closely, he's like a primer on hard core shredding. Here in California we're learning as fast as we can- check out O.C's Strand Leper taking a bite out of a sweet little power pocket. Thanks for the shots from Dana Point's lead photog. lurker, Brian McGovern at Thanks Brian!

Photo: Here's Brian's report: "I was out for a walk... saw Tim in the surf and ran back up to my car to get the camera." Photo courtesy of Brian McGovern,

Photo: "I waited about 20 minutes for the sun to peek over the hill and light the waves..." Photo courtesy of Brian McGovern,

Photo: "...the light was just perfect and we got some unreal waves at just the right time". Photo courtesy of Brian McGovern,

I like Tim's style, the cool backhand paddle drag, the quiet upper body and the low center of gravity body positioning in the last photo; torquing to fit the pocket. One of these days we're going to have to see a legit, nose-poking-out-of-the-tube barrel ride, c'mon guys- what are you waiting for?

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