Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sneak Peek: Spring Stand Up Journal Snaps... Wow!

Dream job... travel the world with a board, paddle, camera and a laptop. Corporate credit card. Sat. phone with internet connectivity (yep, file that story from the Fiesta deck of the S.S. Isurfalot) and one of those big passports- the supersized version with room for lots of stamps. Reality? Probably not, but somebody's doing something close to that... at least that's what it seems like every time I bop on over to the bookstore and take a gander at the Stand Up Journal- that mag is stupid good. Here's a couple sneaky-sneaky preview shots:

Photo: Trow, Galapagos Islands... the story we've all been waiting for. How about this guy? One of the BlueLine/Paddle Surf Hawaii crew up in Santa Barbara... cross over from RIPPING on a kite (the one guy, besides Josh Mulcoy who makes wave-kiting look, well, like surfing... no dangle-spin, monkey-tricks from these guys!) to solo-poaching scary, big, cold, Central Cal. mackers... gnarly stuff from a guy who lets his surfing do the talking. Can't wait to read about what happened to these guys... from what I heard the gnarliest stuff happened out of the water!

Photo: What... bikinis out there too?

Photo: Charging...

Photo: Crazy...

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