Saturday, June 28, 2008

All Photo Issue!

Here's a few I snapped this morning.

Camera Grom disappeared on me so I've had to take the photo/video duties into my own hands- it's been fun but I really can't wait until the boy's back on the beach with his trusty cash can.

Top and Second Photo: Jeff Neu paddled out on his stand up this morning- probably the first time I've seen him off his shortboard in at least five months. The guy hasn't forgotten a thing though- "Pinky" snagged some of the best ones out there.

Third Photo: Spork racing down the line on the Diablo- let's go paddle 3M's!

Photos Four and Five: This kid was schwacking it left and right (well mostly left) I snapped these with hands all jittered up on 7-11's finest arabica- I thought they came out pretty cool though.

Check Back: A visit to Stu Kenson's surf shop and a look at his latest stand up creation- The Stinger.

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