Thursday, June 19, 2008

And still more Surf!

The wave-fest continues. Here's a few photos of Seal Beach locals Mitchell and Greg scoring some DogPatch nuggets two days ago (all photos: Elva de Jarnett). Yep, it is just as fun as it looks! I'm digging how buried that rail is in the first photo- way to crank it Mitchell.

These photos got me so fired up that I woke up early, threw the board in the truck and scored head high +, dead glassy DPatch with just a couple of other stand up paddlers. I ended up riding a left peak all by myself for about three hours in a peeled down spring suit (the water was super comfy- I was sweating in the wetsuit). If I didn't have a paddle surf lesson tomorrow, I'd be back up there in a heartbeat!

Check Back for my 'Patch photos.

And... The stand up paddle surf lessons are blowing up with more and more people contacting me everyday. Super fun to see that stoke spreading!

If you're interested, check the Lessons Link. We're also renting paddle surfing equipment to San Diego paddle surfers. The best part is the paddle surf rental comes with a pick up and drop off service for those who don't have a full sized truck to move all this stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Cool pics, thanks. Dog Patch was UNREAL on Wednesday afternoon until the tide went up and the wind switched. I was the only SUP out for a couple of hours except a guy way out in front of the reactors on a blue board and about 50 dolphins. Good week for SUP in SoCal!