Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And the surf continues...

I'm surfed out- check out these waves. It's been really fun down here- hope you're scoring some too.


Xabre said...

Nice blog!
First of all, excuse me for my english, i'm from Spain.
I've a question: My weight is 280 lbs.
¿What kind of Stand up board i need?
I surf since 1988, with longboard. Now i have a 9'6'' and a 9'2'', and i´m shaping a 10'.
But here in Spain, the Stand Up is coming slowly and we don`t have much boards to choose.

John Ashley said...


Cool to hear from a surfer from Spain- where do you normally surf? Got any photos of people doing stand up there? I'd love to see them!

I'd recommend a big board like the Surftech Laird- my friend started on that board and he weighed 270lbs- the board is 12'1" by 31" I can't remember the thickness. He really liked that board and has kept it even after going through two other boards!

Interestingly, he now rides a 10' by 30" by 4.75" custom shaped board made of eps and fiberglass/epoxy lamination. The board was made by Tim Stamps (www.surfboardsbystamps.com) so you should be able to come down in size once you've got your skills down.

Good Luck and it's great to hear from you!

Xabre said...

Faster answer!!!
I`m from Pantin in Galicia. North-West of Spain.
No pics of SUP here, sorry. Only one surfer uses SUP here.
I want to shape my own SUP, but here the biggest foam i could buy is a 11'.....
Well, i have to wait.
Thanks and good waves.
I will read your blog in the future......

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the pics on your site

John Ashley said...

Keep ripping and I'll keep snapping!

No prob- bro!