Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle Event coming to San-O?

Rumor has it that there'll be a major SUP event happening this summer (or fall) here in Southern California. I'm still putting it all together but here's what I got:

1. I've been told that in October there will be a SUP race featuring a $10,000 dollar purse- from what I can tell, Honolua will be a major sponsor of the event.

2. Sources tell me that a "Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle" is coming soon to the waters around Dana Point.

Here's my call: The Battle of the Paddle and the Honolua Race are part of the same event. I've hear that Rainbow Sandals will also be involved. My feeling is that with the size of the purse drawing major paddlers from all over the world, you'll soon be hearing about other sponsors signing up for a piece of the action.

I'm predicting that the contest will include the big money paddle race and the SUP surf competition which will be held at Old Man's. But... how sweet would it be if they could book Lowers! I'd love to get a shot at polluting that right hander with a bunch of other stand up surfers. Undoubtedly the entry fee will be steep but if a 6' south swell is rifling through Trestles, wouldn't it be worth it? I'm going to start looking for a sponsor now!

If you've got some solid info. on these events and don't mind sharing, drop me line at paddlesurfbaja@gmail.com

Help me get to the bottom of this!

Photos: Top and Bottom:
The surf is STILL firing here in San Diego! Check out the little chest to head-high left hander I surfed with two friends for a couple of hours yesterday- and again today. Hope you're getting some!


Unknown said...

Honolua is not a sponsor of this event. This event will be held at Doheny just south of the rivermouth. There will be a total purse of 25k and first place will receive 10k. Rainbow Sandals is funding the entire event. There will be a pro money race and ameture class trophee races. The money race will be hololua style where you start from the beach, paddle laps with quick running dashes in each lap for a total of 10 miles worth of laps. Board height must be no larger than 12'6" for the money race. All entry fees will go to help The Surfing Heritage. There will be more info to come. Event is still in the planning phase

Anonymous said...

For the event on Oct. 11, all the event info can be found at www.kingzofthecoast.com .

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a great event.

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