Monday, June 30, 2008

A few photos from Emerald City's C4 Paddle Day

Okay I'm done with my ranting- I'm over it. Here's a couple of photos from yesterday's C4 Paddle Day with Emerald City.

If you're in any of these photos and would like them emailed to you- contact me through my email link and I'll forward them to you.

A couple of items of interest: Check out the custom checkerboard paint job on that C4- looking sweet! Reminds me of a Dennis Jarvis surboard I had in 1984.

Also take a look at the new deck pad from C4- it's got raised ridges along the rails presumably for bracing your feet when the boards tipping or up on rail. That's a good idea.

Check out the board fishing rig that was being demonstrated- that'd be a great Baja item.

And- There was this stubby little Hynson Fish Stand Up Board- I didn't get a chance to paddle it but it looked interesting.

Go here for more photos from the C4 Paddle Day.

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i love summer 3B's boards broads and bikinis.captneg9akasporkadork.