Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Few Pics from the Dog Patch- and a little video clip.

Got an itch to hit the DogPatch. It wasn't to difficult to convince some of the usual suspects to tag along.

The surf was pretty weak and the water a bit cooler than we're used to down south but we still ended up having a lot of fun.

I was pretty impressed with what the locals were making out of the waist high mushballs that were coming through- definitely some talented stand up paddlers up there.

Top Photo: Leo Nordine- posting up with five over on the small C4.

2nd Photo: Denis (the guy who passed me at mile 20 on the Colorado River) tossing his new stick up into the foam ball.

3rd Photo: Chris K. and Denis checking out the new kid on the block. Drop me an email about that stick we'd love to know all about it.

Last Photo: L.N. cranking it around.

Camera Grom also came along to shoot a little video- lots of DogPatch regulars in the clip- check 'em out.

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Da Token Hawaiian said...

Hi John. I was wonderng how small is that C4 that Leo-Nordine is surfing? Is it a custom C4 or one of their stock 9'0"? Any input would be very appreciated.'


Da Token Hawaiian said...

Hi John. What size os that C4 that Leo-Lordine is riding? Is it a custom one or one of their stock boards? I just want to know how small can I go with my SUB's. Any input would be very appreciated.


John Ashley said...

Hi Sam-

Love your signature photo!

I'm not certain but I believe that was a 9'0. And I remember Chris K. saying that it was a poly (not epoxy) handshape.

I think the guy weighs around 140lbs not an eater like me!

As for size- my friends who are in the 160 - 180 range are all riding nine footers. The boards are custom shapes (Tim Stamps) and they surf like high perfomance longboards.

If I can scrape together some cash I'm going to get one made for me around 9'4" and scaled up for a big boy.

Anonymous said...

Dennis made a bonzerless bonzer. Pretty cool looking board. I think the C4 was the BW 9'0", but there should be some larger volume 9'0" and 9'6" polys on the way. I'll let ya know so you can check them out.

John Ashley said...

Hey Chris-

Denis made that board? That'cool- does he make all of his own boards?

I thought that the thing looked clean and surfed pretty darn fast- considering how mushy the surf was that day.

What does he think of his creation?

And I'm always up to try new boards- they just need a bit more beef for us big boys!

Anonymous said...

Yep - he make his own boards and will trade off with you anytime for a test ride.