Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun Surf: Water Warming Up Again

Check these photos from three days ago. These were shot from the pier - kind of a cool angle. This was the beginning of the south that's been feeding us waves for the last four days.

Yesterday was ridiculously fun- glassy all day, head high, A-frames up and down the beach. Best part was the crowd- the beach side parking spots were so filled up that unless you could walk or ride your bike to the surf, you weren't getting in. The result was an unusually empty lineup and I wasn't complaining.

Top Photo: Big Chad getting ready to deal with a couple of lumps.

Second Photo: BC burying 90% of his 10' of rail on one bottom turn.

Third Photo: It's cool how zoom lenses flatten everything out. This picture looks like the beginning of a catastrophe! Don't worry- it wasn't as bad as it looked- Chad had at least a foot more of clearance- and I was semi in control.

Last Photo: Going backside on these big boards is fun. Just remember look where you want to go- and lean on that paddle!

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