Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Waiting on a new South: Tomorrow... Patch!

Heading up to the Dog Patch tomorrow. Rumors of a new swell- I'm probably a little premature on this one but I need to get out and see what's up. I'll keep you posted.

Here's a couple more photos from my little trip up the coast. I wish I had some hot young rippers to post up but, unfortunately- I was the only one out. Darn.
Like I said, it was really glassy. Calm conditions make the act of paddling fairly simple, see a wave, kick a pivot turn and drop in, right? By the way, does that paddle look absolutely level to you. Yeah, yeah, yeah- I know all about the shopping cart.
But little sandbar beachies can be deceiving. You think you're going to slide into a little pocket just to have it suck up and try to slap you down. Naughty little wave!
When all else fails, drop your ass and get low. The bulldozer technique sometimes saves the day.
And, I did say the beach looked like Cabo right? There were other distractions.
Warm, glassy waters and sunny skies- all the right things in the world. Jump in, play.

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Really fun weekend all in all - It was good to see you brother! :)