Saturday, July 12, 2008

I want to be on Maui Bob's team...

Maui Bob is always up to something cool. Tomorrow, July 13th is the 9.75 mile, 3rd Annual Naish International Paddleboard Championship and I guess the whole prone and standing community is all in- there may be as many as 200 paddlers involved.

Bob's promising more photos so we're going to hold him to it. No Spam Fried Rice until you send more photos.

Top Photo: This is what Maui Bob's going to paddle- it's a two man craft...

Second Photo: This is Qball- paddling with Maui Bob from Maliko Gulch to Town.

Third Photo: Why is it that everything is just cooler in Hawaii?

Last Photo: Like I said, I want to be on Maui Bob's team. Got room for one pudgy, kinda slow guy?

Click Here for the latest.... SCHWAACK off the top with chimpanzees watching!

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