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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hour by hour, minute by minute...

We live and die by the sand bars down here. And you've got to be on it if you're going to do anything but take off and ride straight to shore twirling your paddle like the baton girl in a marching band.

Here's how it went for me today: Surf check 7 am, tide too low. Jam home eat breakfast- water the tomato plants. Check it again at 9 am- might be a little left at the pier. Gave it a shot, red tides getting ready to go off- water's smelling soupy. Surf not so great, get out after 40 minutes- go home and take a nap.

Wake up. Check it again- tide's coming up, looks pretty dismal, really small. Go home. Fix the disposal in the sink; who dropped two nails in there? Take out the trash. Eat lunch and drink a couple beers with the boys while looking at some photos.

Realize I need to get in the water but I've only got a one hour window to make it happen- resign myself to the fact that I'll probably be flatwater paddling to the rivermouth and back. Pull up to the beach and see this....

Top Photo: A fun left fizzling out into the hole while another reloads right behind it- heck there's even a right on it!

Second and Third Photo: Go get 'em Gary!

Moral of the story: ABC... Always Be Checking!


srfnff said...

ABC's I like that. Your schedule sounds a little like a Trucker's schedule. The "Trucker's" I refer to here are the guys (usually built like the Incredible Hulk) in the fire service that man the ladder trucks...they don't always get the most calls, but when they do, you need 'em! We used to kid them a lot..."Trucker's, sleep 'til they're hungry, eat 'til they're sleepy."

Anonymous said...

Great time on Friday for the pre Luau surf, thanks John! Gary T

Anonymous said...

john checked at 515 friday looked very clean like you i had 2 more calls to do.funny how things get in those disposers.and no one will admit.neg9.