Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Board Sale: Stamps Ninja Model $600!

Tim's selling his personal 9'0 Ninja model stand up board. If you come in around 180lbs this board will work for you.

Off the top of my head I think it's 9.0' x 28.0" x 4.0", it comes with five fin boxes so you can get your fin weirdness on and run it quad, 2+1, 4+1 or 3+2 or 5-1... it's all good.

Tim's letting this one go for six bills- it's seen some use but it's water tight with no open dings. I've surfed it and it turns like a high performance longboard. If you're ready to step up your stand up surfing from that big ol' 12'er you started on, this is your vehicle. The board is light and loose. Swoop it up!

Contact Tim at www.surfboardsbystamps.com

Back to flip/flop: Coiled versus non-coiled leashes. I bought one of those coiled things- for a couple of weeks I thought it was great. I wasn't dragging ten feet of leash and I was able to paddle through kelp beds without looping a bunch of it and dragging it around. It was great until the thing knotted up on itself and went from being twelve feet of coiled leash to two feet of knotted polyurethane. I was happy when the thing finally snapped- coiled leashes suck.

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NC Paddle Surfer said...

You need my coil leash design.

I have XM make them to my specs. I have 1/3 the length coiled only. The coil goes behind the ankle. The straight part drags in the water. Coils self knot when dragging in the water behind the board. The coil should stay on the deck when surfing.