Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Super Secret News: EXPOSED!

Okay, check this one out- this photo was sent by an undercover SUP operative. The caption just said something to the effect of, "... shouldn't leave things like this on his dashboard". Remember the Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle? I guess it's on!

I'm digging the Drew Brophy artwork- I think this would be an event poster worth keeping!

Also- look really closely at the reflection in the window- maybe you can identify where the photo was taken!

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Anonymous said...

I made that mistake once. Never again !

John Ashley said...

I'm lame- what did she leave on her dashboard?

You should know I only read surf magazines and Proust novels- and I only look at the pictures in the magazines- so fill me in.

Chad said...

background = dogpatch

Anonymous said...

Just google travelgate.