Wednesday, July 30, 2008

South here again!

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A Three Session Day:

Session 1: Started at 6:30am at the good ol' Patch. There was a bit of south wind on it but there were waist high mush burgers to be ridden. It was a little bit slow but definitely fun- a worthwhile run up the coast and always fun to catch up with some of my Dana Point friends.

Session 2: It was sunny and glassy as I pulled of the Strand and into my driveway- I was amping from the two cups of coffee I drank with breakfast so I dropped off my wife and rolled down to the beach. The south was really filling in nicely. It's definitely coming from a long way away. Long period stuff with solid lines roping down the beach. The low water was taking it off some of the better sand bars so 8 or 10 were closing out, but every now and then you'd snag a corner and go racing up the beach heading north at Mach speed.

Session 3: Took a nap after Session 2 (yep Gary, just like a Ladder Truck guy!) and woke up to high tide walls bending along the beach into makeable race-track left handers. Lots of current and fast running waves made it a tricky session, definitely a technical surfing situation requiring high speed driving abilities.

I'm toast now and ready to wake up early and hit it again. Stoked!

And... rumors of a little northern Baja day trip surgical strike are in the works... can you hear the sound of my hands rubbing together in anticipation????
A big C4 Demo brought out the rippers today.
Nose rides and big smacks off little closeout sections were being thrown all around the joint.
A clean cross step to the nose. Never goes out of style. Nice work!

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