Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boards for Sale: Stamps Arrow and the 8'0 Biscuit

Here's a couple of boards that might interest some of you out there.

Tim's moving these out to make room for a couple of other projects he's got going on. You've seen these boards here before- scroll back through and you'll find more photos of them and even a little video clip of me surfing the 8'0.

Both of these boards are in excellent condition- the Arrow is practically brand new and has won or placed in local stand up races. Tim's looking for $800 for the Arrow - a scorching deal.

The 8'0 Biscuit (Tim calls it the JLo - you can ask him when you talk to him about it) is listed at $500. Again- another great deal for a really fun board. This one would even be a great board for a smaller person or a grom who's interested in paddling. Check 'em out and if you're interested contact Tim through his site.

Last Photo: Hey that's me with either a giant fly swatter or a humongous spatula in my hand. I'll say it again, the last four days have been ON-FIRE. The swell that wasn't supposed to be much of anything definitely has delivered- and everybody around here is walking around with a smile on their face. Let's keep our fingers crossed for more to come!

One more thing: If you guys are digging the new Surf and Beach Life Section, you're going to have to give me some feedback. If it's a flop, I'm yanking it. And if you see somebody you know on there ripping- pick up your cell and tell them where they're posted up so they can check it. Photos will be rotated out every few days so share the happiness and let your buddies know if they've got a hot shot posted up here.

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Michael Ashley said...

That is so tempting. I sure wish I lived closer and could actually get some water time on those guys. Here's the link that shows the video and pictures of those boards from earlier posts: