Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wi-Fi No, Surf YES

Just got back into town- I'm beat. I'll put up more later but for now here's what you need to know:

1. Obviously, no mobile blogging. I'm going to have to work that one out because I've got at least two more major trips coming up and I like to stay current.

2. Scored a couple of REALLY fun surf sessions. Check out the pics:

Super glassy, warm and empty. Score.

What a fun little wave!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Looks kind of Carpenteria-ish. Waited for the blog but figured the south swell was keeping you busy enough. What a charge. It is a hard life. Keep it up!

John Ashley said...


Believe me I really wanted to update- but for some reason I couldn't get the wireless to fire up.

Carp would be little too far north of this spot. This was a wave I never knew existed... I don't think it works very often but it's a great setup walking distance from a campground.

I'll post more about it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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