Thursday, July 3, 2008

245 Posts Later... Happy Birthday to

Light the candles, we're one year old! According to my blog records we've also thrown up 245 posts- so how many hours have I logged at this computer? Maybe this might be a good time to hit the archives and take a trip down memory lane... or you can just read about the fun surf that's rolling into town RIGHT NOW!

If you're on a stretch of coast that can take a south then you know there's been some surf sweeping down the beaches. I'm not sure what's happening in other parts of the county but it was stupid-fun just now at sunset. Hope you got some!

Top Photo: Paddle up the beach, away from the peak and guess what... you've got it all to yourself- the mobility of our boards translates into surfing freedom.

2nd Photo: Stand up paddle surfing lessons in San Diego are going off! It's all smiles, laughs and good times when you're learning how to cruise the bay in style. Be sure to check the Paddle Surf Lessons Page for more photos and information.

Photos 3 and 4: Ripping through a cutback at "The Left"... I know it's not paddle surfing but it's still a nice turn. Tracy snapping a clean one.

Photo 5: This is called a "teaser"- check out Trent's new board. It's called the "Zapper", Stu Kenson made it and it's a board I'm dying to try out- check back for more on the Zapper!

Your surfing photos are available, send me an email for more information.


srfnff said...

Dude! Where you getting your female paddleboard students? Need any more instructors?

John Ashley said...

Yep- I'm recruiting instructors! I pay minimum wage plus all the paddling you can handle and cold beers in my garden (you buy 'em!).