Friday, July 18, 2008

Hit the road- saw a few things

I had some business to take care of up in Los Angeles/Ventura County so I made a little road trip out of it. Here's some of what I saw along the way:

Top Two Photos: The Dog Patch never fails to please. I got a bit later of a start than I like and didn't pull off at Basilone until around 10am. I didn't think I had a shot of getting in without waiting at least forty minutes in the yawn patrol line.

Summer days can get crazy up there and if you're not an early bird you're stuck in the queue wondering what kind of fun you're missing down at Patch. On this occasion, I lucked out. I rolled right in and even found a parking spot on the first pass.

The surf had been so small that I figured if I could just get in a paddle I'd be set for the day- but like I said before, the Patch always seems to deliver. There were knee to waist high southerly lines rolling in and the wave was actually putting up some fun little speed sections and fat, little shoulders just begging for pole-plant snap pivots.

You never know what you're going to get down there. Sometimes you've just got to roll the dice. Here's a couple of locals stoked on their good fortune.

Second Photo: Tim Stamps has been shaping boards since he was a teenager. First sweeping the floor of Rich Harbour's shape room and eventually inheriting the keys to the kingdom. It's not a stretch to say that there are thousands of Stamps shaped boards floating around out there.

Tim's also doing his own thing under the label that carries his name. Here he is in his throne room, writing orders, bringing ideas to life and ruling over his minions (or at least his little buddy Cowboy). And stoking out those who know the path to his door.

Last Photo: Sometimes Patch offers other points of interest.

Next time: Paddling in the Land of Laird

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Anonymous said...

hey ho: could you offer up a little how-to tutorial on your pole-plant snap pivot? when i try it, i always end up flat on my ass in the water, but when i've seen it done correctly, it looks great. but ... i just can't figure it out. care to weigh in?

Chad said...

The las pic might be your best ever!!